Your way to travel to london. Explain The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition



The Queen’s Commonwealth Essay Competition 2022 is the world\\\’s oldest international school writing competition, all international students can participate in this competition.

What are the available categories?

  1. Imagine you are a grandparent in 2022. Tell your grandchildren a bedtime story about an inspirational person.
  2. What are the best ways for young people to serve the commonwealth in your view?
  3. Our commonwealth community.
  4. Write a job description for a superhero needed to solve a problem in your community.

Is there a word limit?

Yes, the maximum word count for juniors is 750, and for seniors is 1500.



Can I participate in more than a category?

Unfortunately, no, you have to select just one category.

What is the maximum age for students who will participate?

  • You can apply as a junior, less than 14 years old (Born on or after 1/7/2008.
  • You can apply as a senior, between 14 and 18 years old (Born between 01/07/2003 – 30/06/2008)

Who will win a journey from London to London?

The best 2 juniors and the best 2 seniors will win the journey?

What is the duration of the journey?

The duration of the journey is one week.

What are the prizes?

From every category (seniors and juniors), there will be:

  1. Winner
  2. Runner-up
  3. Gold Awards
  4. Silver Awards
  5. Bronze Awards
  6. Certificate of Participation

Link of the application:

or click here to participate

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