Everything about IELTS and why should you have it ?



Because we know you always care to know everything. And all that is new about scholarships and summer programs, we decided to offer you today one of the most important things that you will need, which is the IELTS exam, so SIYP is here to give you all the information and explain to you what it is and help you know everything about it

First of all, let us know what the IELTS is

What is IELTS?

The word IELTS is an abbreviation of the word (International English Language Testing Syste), which is the international organization for the measurement of the English language. Seeing whether he will be able to adapt and deal with the English language or not
It is an approved choice. All over the world, especially in Britain, Australia, Canada and New Zealand, and in more than 3,400 institutions and organizations in the United States of America

2. What are the bodies involved in the development of IELTS tests?

International bodies such as the British Council and the ESOL system at the University of Cambridge participate in the development of the IELTS tests, which are also responsible for evaluating the answers internationally

3.. What is the content of the IELTS test and how long does it take?

The IELTS test consists of four parts, which are listening, reading, writing and speaking. Each section has scores ranging from 1-9, and each mark indicates a specific level of English that the person possesses, and the total sum is the average of the four marks, as well as ranging from 1-9.
And It takes from 2 to 3 hours

4. How valid is the test?

It is valid for two years

5. How can I register for the IELTS test?

through four steps
Registration for the IELTS exam is quick and easy, with the following steps:

Step 1 – Find your nearest IELTS test site: With over 1,600 IELTS test sites in over 140 countries, there is bound to be one near you. Find your nearest center
Step 2 – Register for your IELTS test: You can register and pay online or download an application form to print and complete and send to your local test centre.

Don\\\’t forget to provide a copy of your valid identification document. You will also need to present the same identification document on the day of the test.

Third Step – Book your IELTS test: Once your application has been processed, the center will send you a written confirmation of the test date and time. The speaking and writing tests are usually taken on the same day. If this is not possible, the tests will take place within seven days of each other. For more information, contact your local IELTS test center or download the candidate information brochure

6. What are the appropriate and permitted ages to take the test?

Who are over 16 years old

7. How can I prepare for the test?

By training yourself to listen and read some English phrases and talk to someone, you can also get resources provided by the British Cuncil. By visiting their website From this link


And Always remember that SIYP is here for you

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