Everything you want to know about Minerva?


What is Minerva university?

A private institution with its main campus in San Francisco, California is called Minerva University (formerly known as Minerva Schools at KGI). It was founded in 2012 with the help of $25 million in venture capital provided by Benchmark Capital.

The university uses a distinctive educational paradigm where all classes are delivered as online seminars with a maximum enrollment of 19 students. Less than 1% of applicants were approved in 2020 due to the high level of selection.

Why is it a unique university?

Due to the fact that you study abroad for four years—in America, South Korea, the UK, Taiwan, and Argentina—and that the study there is done online, you have plenty of time to travel to and explore these nations.

What is system of study there?

Every class has its own platform where you may do all of your studying, and each class has 20 students. The four essential abilities of thinking critically, thinking creatively, communicating effectively, and interacting successfully were highlighted in the curriculum, which was purposefully designed to teach both the breadth and depth required by the world\\\\\\\’s ongoing evolution. In order to educate a broad and flexible set of skills and knowledge that are applicable to any discipline, Minerva exposes students to multidisciplinary subject matter while continually reinforcing important mental habits and fundamental ideas. The major and concentration classes, as well as the independent Capstone project, where students concentrate on a particular area of expertise beginning in their third year and continuing through their final year, are where students achieve depth of understanding.

Is Minerva accredited?

Yes. The Western Senior College and University Commission Association of Schools and Colleges has granted Minerva regional accreditation (WASC or WSCUC). Students who complete their studies at Minerva University are awarded a diploma with a globally recognized Bachelor of Science (B.S.) or Bachelor of Arts (B.A.). Additionally, Stanford received its certification from this same charity.

What is the academic calendar? When are Your breaks?

With a lengthy summer break and a protracted winter break, Minerva has two 15-week semesters. Fall and spring vacation are also brief for students.

What kinds of activities will there be outside of the classroom experience? Who will organize these activities?

To promote experiential learning, foster character development, and foster community, Minerva links the classroom experience with an ecosystem of projects, co-curriculars, extracurriculars, and community programs. By encouraging students to be active participants rather than passive visitors, you may give them the chance to become fully immersed in each of their residential communities. The extracurricular activities include immersive, behind-the-scenes visits to renowned businesses, cultural institutions, science labs, and neighborhood organizations. The Student Experience team, which includes managers in each city, created, curated, and led them. The co-curriculars give students the opportunity to apply the material they are learning in class in a practical setting, such as workshops or seminars, and to start building a portfolio of work for professional development.

Finial aid:

Are international students eligible for financial aid?

All foreign and domestic students are welcome to apply, and those who are accepted and are eligible for aid will be given a financial aid package that is in line with their level of need.

Merit-based and need-blind admission policies apply to Minerva. As a result, only your demonstrated need will determine if you are eligible for financial aid. By guaranteeing equal opportunity, regardless of race, nationality, or gender, they assess each admitted student\\\\\\\’s financial condition objectively. No matter who you are or what nation you are from, if you are accepted and show financial need, is offered you an aid package.

If I qualify for aid, how much assistance will I receive?

Based on an individual assessment by Minerva\\\\\\\’s financial assistance office, Minerva is committed to completely meeting the demonstrated need of each help application. Your CSS profile, Minerva\\\\\\\’s questionnaire, and any accompanying documentation are used to make this determination.

If your aid award includes a work-study position, how many hours per week will you work?

When classes are in session, students who are given a Minerva work-study position are permitted to put in up to 7.5 hours per week. The weekly maximum for some occupations is 10 hours. Although these are the maximums, many students opt to work less hours; each student\\\\\\\’s specific schedule is decided in consultation with their direct supervisor. For the time they put in, students are compensated hourly.

What are costs that will not be covered in your financial aid package?

The costs for required technology, travel, and health insurance are not paid directly to Minerva; as they vary widely by student they are not included in the estimated annual cost of attendance. There is also a $1,000 security deposit that is fully refundable upon graduation provided that no damage is done to a residence hall caused by students, no excess cleaning costs in housing, no unpaid invoices are left at the end of each year, and no other expenses were incurred on behalf of a student by Minerva.

Time line:

Early Action

Submission Deadline: Nov 1

Notification Date: Dec 15

Enrollment Deadline: May 1

Students who feel ready to apply and hear their decision in 2023 can do so through Early Action, giving them more time to get ready for the Fall semester and start interacting with the Minerva community.

Regular Decision I

Submission Deadline: Jan 17

Notification Date: Mar 31

Enrollment Deadline: May 1

An admissions decision is given at the end of March for the first Regular Decision cycle, which is consistent with the majority of other American university admissions schedules.

Regular Decision II

Submission Deadline: Mar 15

Notification Date: Apr 15

Enrollment Deadline: May 1

All students, regardless of location, are eligible to consider Minerva in their university applications because the second Regular Decision cycle coincides with the deadlines for foreign applications. Please be aware that this cycle\\\\\\\’s admissions notices come in sooner than they did in previous cycles, so if you\\\\\\\’re accepted, you\\\\\\\’ll need to decide where to enroll more quickly.

Extended Decision

Submission Deadline: Apr 11

Enrollment Deadline: May 1

You can apply to be considered for the Class of 2027 during Minerva\\\\\\\’s Extended Decision cycle. The deadline for paying the registration fee is May 1. Applicants will learn whether they have been accepted no later than April 26.

Rolling Selection

Submission Deadline: May 9

Notification Date: May 23

Enrollment Deadline10 days of notification or Jun 1, whichever comes first

The final admissions cycle to enroll for fall 2023 is rolling selection. The decision notice is scheduled for May 23, and the application period is open from April 12 through May 9. If your application is not complete by May 9, there won\\\\\\\’t be any extensions.

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