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What is Zed academy?

Through the Internet and the ZAD TV channel, the Zad Academy program, a virtual academy, offers an educational program that strives to make forensic science more accessible to individuals who are interested in it.

The academy\\\’s main goals are to spread and consolidate sober forensic science, which is grounded in the Book of God and the Sunnah of His Messenger, may God\\\’s prayers and peace be upon him, and which combines the best ideas from throughout history with a contemporary, user-friendly presentation and expert production. These are things that Muslims cannot afford to be ignorant of.

What will you study there?

The Academy program teaches seven legitimate scientific subjects through distance education, which are:

  1. creed.
  2. interpretation.
  3. the talk.
  4. jurisprudence.
  5. Biography of the Prophet
  6. Arabic.
  7. Islamic education.

Time line

The duration of the study in the Academy program is two years, divided into four levels, in which the student studies five days a week, with an average of three lectures per day, broadcast live, for a period of three continuous months, during which

Two monthly exams, then the final exam, according to the detail in the study schedule on the site. The student is considered to have passed the Zad Academy program by passing the four-level exams within two years.

How you will study?

The student will be able to download the curricula, in more than one format from the website “for free”,

and it will also be made available in the libraries at a later stage – God willing.

These subjects are taught by a group of university professors and sheikhs with the aforementioned specializations, via the TV channel, where all subjects will be professionally televised, and each subject has a special curriculum, in a distinct and creative way.

The Zad Academy program seeks to allow the student to participate actively in the lessons, as well as to allow some to participate visually during the registration of the study, by participating by asking and answering some questions, as it was in easy ways and available to all students.

What are tests you will take?

The result will appear after completing the test within a period not exceeding two weeks, and the student will be notified of it.

The student obtains a certificate of completion of the four levels after successfully passing the exams of the subjects prescribed in the program, with a score of no less than 60%.

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