For Maths lovers – The International Youth Math Competition ( IYMC )



The International Youth Math Challenge is one of the biggest online math competition for students from all around the world: Unleash your creativity, knowledge, and math skills to win awards and cash prizes worth over 700 USD

What are the prizes?

All participants take certificates and winners can take cash prizes up to 700 dollars

Who can participate?

1- Any high school or university students
2- Students from all countries are invited to participate!

How many rounds are they?

There are three rounds which are

1-Qualification Round

2-(Pre-Final Round) Successful participants can register for the pre-final round in October. You have four days to solve 10 problems of the pre-final round. The registration costs are 8 EUR to make this competition possible

3-(Final Round) Successful finalists can participate in the final round: You will take an online exam supervised by your teacher.

What can you do now?

Download the (IYMC qualification round) PDF file on the official site then solve the questions and send it to the following link

How can you be qualified to the next round?

If you are under 18 years old you should at least solve 3 question to be qualified to the next round and if you are above 18 years old you should solve at least 4 question to be qualified.


17/10/2022 (2 am)

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