All you want to know about Johannes Kepler University summer program



An offline summer program in Austria, under the motto \\\”Welcome to Planet B! A Different Life is Possible. But How?” and focuses on climate change.

What are the requirements?

Writing 4 short essays at a maximum in maximum 200 words

  1. What topics excite you outside your field of studies? What interests and passions do you have?
  • What do you expect to gain from participating in Festival University?
  • How do you plan to contribute to the Festival University? What value will you add to the overall program and to other participants?
  • What does it take to drive change?

In addition to a video outlining your interest and motivation in participating in the Festival University (in English). What makes you the ideal candidate for this program and how do you resonate with the focus of Festival University 2022? Maximum 3 minutes.

Furthermore, you have the ability to add anything can increase your chance like certificates, activities …etc



Deadline has been extended to 4/7/2022

The duration of the program

4 weeks (August 18th – September 14th, 2022)

What is the maximum and minimum age for students who want to apply?

16:25 years old

The language of the program


The location

In Linz, Austria

The cost

There are no tuition fees. Our stipends will cover your flight, visa, and accommodation during the duration of the program, as well as your main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) on-site.

How many students will be accepted in this program?

The program is very selective, just 200 students will be chosen.

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    اتوقع ان اكتسب صداقات و معرفه بالانشطره التي يتم في السامر بروجرام
    اساهم ب تدريب مهارات الناعمه
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