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The TFF (Thought For Food) Challenge is the world’s leading collaborative innovation challenge in food and agriculture, galvanizing the next generation of innovators and entrepreneurs to create, share, and accelerate breakthrough solutions to one of the biggest questions of our time: How will we feed 10+ billion people on a hotter planet?


Anyone can participate from all over the world. Participating must be in a team, at least 2 members in the team and they can be from different countries.


  • Alternative Proteins.
  • Biodiversity.
  • Circular Economy.
  • Digital Agriculture.
  • Food Loss and Waste Reduction.
  • Food Production and Preparation.
  • Marketplaces.
  • FoodTech.
  • Supply Chains.
  • Sustainable Agriculture.

Can I choose more than one category?

NO, you don’t have to select more than one category. Try to choose the one that best fits your concept.

Steps for presenting the solution

1-Describe your project in five simple, clear and precise sentences. (2,500 characters max)

  • Sentence 1: Talk about the problem you are solving.
    • Sentence 2: Explain how you are solving it.
    • Sentence 3: Describe the innovation you have developed.
    • Sentence 4: Talk about the business model you are using.
    • Sentence 5: Describe how your project is unique.

2-Select one category.

3-Use case (950 characters)

How will your product or service potentially be used and by whom? Describe a specific situation in two clear and concise sentences.

4-Summary of the problem (950 characters)

What specific problem are you solving? Describe in two clear and concise sentences. Use data/ statistics where possible to make your point.

5-Summary of the solution (950 characters)

In two clear and concise sentences, describe your specific solution. Talk about the innovation you have developed.

6-Summary of the market (950 characters)In two clear and concise sentences, describe your customer and the market you are targeting.

7-Summary of the business model (950 characters)

In two clear and concise sentences, describe your business model (it doesn’t need to be perfect – They are looking for the potential that we can work with). Include details about how you think about generating revenues/ sustaining yourself and how you will scale in 5 years’ time.

8-Summary of the potential challenges (950 characters)

In two clear and concise sentences, describe challenges you will or may potentially face (e.g. regulatory, customer acceptance, too easily copied, competition, etc).

9-Summary of competitors (950 characters)

Who are your competitors? Name specific companies wherever possible, even if they are in different parts of the world. What makes you different or better than them?

10-Uproot the status quo (950 characters)

In two clear and concise sentences, tell us how your concept improves the status quo in the market you are targeting.

11-Summary of your team\\\’s Why (950 characters)

What is your team’s Why or purpose? Describe why you are doing what you are doing. How did you come up with your idea in the first place?

12-Impact on people (950 characters)

Describe who your concept positively impacts, and how. Use specific metrics and data wherever possible.

13-Impact on the environment (950 characters)

Describe how your concept positively impacts the environment. Use specific metrics and data wherever possible.

14-Have you integrated any of Thought For Food’s 6 next-gen innovation attitudes into your ways of working and/ or how you do your business? (1600 characters)

Describe how with specific examples. Read about our innovation attitudes.

15-Have you raised any money to date?

If so, specify currency and amount

16-In what form have you raised money (investments, grants, other)? 

17-link to your website if you have one.

18-links to your social media accounts, if you have any.

19-Upload your pitch deck.

Be sure to include all slides from:

You can also add additional slides — but keep your deck to under 20 slides total.

20-Upload supporting documents

Here you can upload legal documents, images, or others to support your pitch. This is optional. This will be confidential; it won’t appear on your public page.

21-Video pitch

How should the video be like?

Limit your pitch video to 3 minutes max. Anything that exceeds 3 minutes will be disregarded.

Please upload your video to YouTube or Vimeo and provide its link.

  • Start with the specific problem you are solving.
  • Explain what is unique about your approach.
  • Show us your prototype.
  • Explain the business model and growth potential.
  • Provide testimonials.
  • Show them your team\\\’s energy, and make them believe in what you are doing!

(The video greatly affects the success of your project)


  • $30K+ USD in cash grants from TFF and partners:
    • $10K USD Grand Prize.
    • $7.5K USD Runner Up.
    • More to be announced soon.
  • Invitation to the TFF Academy, a personalised 4-month acceleration program with hands-on mentoring, pitch training, and industry introductions.
  • Professional production of a short documentary film about solutions.
  • Chance to pitch to investors and industry leaders at the global TFF Summit.
  • Additional perks offered by TFF’s broad network of partners, including licenses to software, datasets, and training sessions.
  • Access to life-changing connections from TFF’s global change-maker community.


14, July 2022.

For further information:

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