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Think global school is a traveling high school where you will live and study in four countries per year, making an unforgettable connection between your education and the world around you.

How do THINK Students Learn?

By doing projects that relate to the environment and the culture around them in each country they travel to, These projects are under the supervision of their professors.

Which countries will I go to?

Upon your acceptance into TGS, you will be placed in a particular cohort depending on available openings and student body demographics. As a TGS student, you have the opportunity to be a part of either CM1 or CM2. If you join CM1, you will go to China, Oman, Panama, and Greece for the 2021-22 school year. If you join CM2, you will go to Botswana, Japan, India, and Greece for the 2021-22 school year.

Do all TGS students travel together?

While both cohorts travel to the same ten countries, they do so on a different timeline. Each cohort visits four countries per year for eight weeks, with a five-week break to rest and reconnect with family and friends in between terms. Since it launched a year after CM1, CM2 always follows the same travel cycle that CM1 did the previous year. Here are the upcoming countries for the 2021-22 school year.

Who can apply?

For all students aged between 14 to 18, if the student will accept they will enter TGS in grade 10 or grade 11.

you can test your age from their website: click here

What skills students must have?

Think’s students must have:

A desire for an unconventional, progressive high school experience that engages global issues directly

A thirst for active, project-based learning that cultivates personal characteristics as much as academic success

A record reflecting a strong work ethic, drive for excellence, and self-motivation

A commitment to improving themselves, their communities, and the world

Exceptional maturity, adaptability, and resilience in unfamiliar situations

Advanced written and oral English skills; English is our language of instruction

A strong community orientation, collaborative spirit, and positive attitude

Parents who are active and supportive participants in our innovative school model and community.

Cost of study in TGS

Study costs vary from one student to another, depending on the financial situation of his family. You can find out how much you will pay by clicking here

Steps of applying

Step 1:

Initial Application

Student questions

Most recent grade report

Emotional quotient questionnaire

Parent questions

Step 2:

Admission Staff Interview

If you are selected for an interview, we’ll schedule a 1.5-hour video call with you and your parents to get to know you a little better and discuss your educational and personal goals.

Step 3:

Full Application

If you advance after the initial interview, you will be required to complete the full online application and strengths assessment.

This includes:

Additional student questions and an essay

Additional parent questions

School transcripts for the past two complete academic school years

Recommendation forms from your school counselor and English teacher

VIA Character Strengths Assessment

Scholarship application, if applicable

Step 4:

Faculty Interviews

If you are selected for final interviews, we’ll invite you and your parents to meet with members of the TGS faculty via video conference. Parents and students may be invited for more than one final interview.

After the faculty interviews, the TGS Admission Committee will make final decisions and place accepted candidates in their determined cohort. You will get a decision notification according to your selected application timeline: 5 January 2023 for Early Decision and 31 March 2023 for Regular Decision.

What qualifications do you earn when you graduate from TGS?

The qualification granted by TGS upon graduation is a United States High School Diploma, which is recognized worldwide. It’s a school-leaving qualification that is fully accredited by the U.S.

When can I apply to THINK Global School?

Classes at TGS begin in July and end in June. You can start your application one year before your intended enrollment start date.

Applications for the 2023-2024 school year are open now.


9 September 2022 for Early Decision

1 January 2023 for Regular decision.

Apply Here

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