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All Girls Code is an award-winning initiative that aims at providing young girls with hands-on coding experience, leadership training, and access to mentorship, resources, and opportunities, to encourage them to embark on careers in the STEM fields.

Does it need any prior knowledge of coding?

The prior knowledge of coding is not necessary, and several difficulty levels of workshops are available.

What fields will you get?

We have two tracs for this year’s Techsplore. The beginner track is Tableau, HTML & CSS, and C language. The advanced track is full stack workshops. If you mentioned in your application that you have no prior doing knowledge, you will be automatically registered for the beginner track. If you do have previous coding experience, you will have the option to choose between beginner, advanced or both tracks!

Do you want to pay fees?

No, it free. Three-day program exposes the participants to the use of coding and technology in several fields and includes leadership workshops, interactive sessions, technical activities, and advisory panels.

When does the program begin?

The program will be running virtually on August 15, 16, and 17, 2022, using a combination of online tools (Google Meet, Zoom, YouTube). It will be a combination of pre-recorded sessions and live virtually hands-on sessions. The sessions are diverse from hands-on technical coding workshops, mentorship workshops, to panelists of influential women speakers in STEM!

What is the age limit for participation?

The program is open to all girls from ages 12 to 22 years old.

Can boy join this program?

As it is clear from the program’s name, this program is made for girl only, unfortunately boys cannot join.


August 8, 2022

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