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The Phoenix Space LaunchPad Challenge is a global competition for space science that high school students who are interested in space can enroll; in to develop and present a creative idea- based solution to a problem related to space science. This competition provides students with an opportunity to develop presentation and teamwork skills while communicating and competing with a global community of like-minded students. Those with an interest in space science.

What is The Phoenix Space Launchpad challenge?

The Phoenix Space consists of three rounds. Working in teams of up to three, students will identify and define a problem statement from one of the topic areas related to the human habitation of Mars.

These topics are:

-a little help from our friends.

-an eye in the sky.

What do we want to learn.

-Martian space trash.

-Joining the martian community.

In round 1 (Late April until August 10): you and your team will submit your initial submission a 4-5 page written solution and a brief video for review.

Then On September 1: Semi-finalists will be announced.

In round 2 (September from 15 to 24): Semi-finalists revise and create a more in-depth presentation.

then On September 24:5 finalists are announced.

In round 3: 5 finalists present their solution live via webinar to the judging panel during World Space Week (October 4-5).

Who can apply to this competition?

-this competition is available to all students around the world aged from 15 to 19.

-you will form teams of up to 3. You can participate alone without a team too, but teams are better.

-you and your team can have a mentor to guide you and your team.

What are the prizes?

In (October 8-9): The winning team will get US$3000, and each of the other four finalist teams will receive a US$1000 prize.

On what basis are the winners determined?

They are determined from :

-Their Problem identification.

-The originality of their solution.

-Comprehensiveness of their research.

-Feasibility of their solution.

-Critical evaluation of their solution.

-Effectiveness of their communication.

Why you should apply to this competition?

-Because you will gain a lot of skills like researching, evaluating information, teamwork, and improve your communication skills because you will Compete against peers from around the world.

– Get an excellent CV item to discuss when applying for universities/colleges.

-at least, The opportunity to win the US $3,000!

When is the date of the deadline?

The deadline for initial entries is 10-8-2022 (August 10).

How can I apply to this competition?

  1. Create a team of up to 3 members. ( aged from 15 to 19)
  2. Decide on an area of focus (Pick a topic Among the previously mentioned topics, work on it and find a good solution ).
  3. Register and talk about your team and the topic which you want to find the solution for it.
  4. start working: Conduct research to identify a specific problem to develop a solution for. Then, create an idea-based solution and prepare the initial written entry and a brief video. Those will be submitted in English.
  5. Submit the entry:

You’ll submit your entry through the website (if you didn’t submit it when you registered). The company will send the submission page link to registered teams.

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