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Artist Space Gallery announces its 1st online Portrait Art Competition for
Artists from around the world are encouraged to submit their best works
related to the Portrait theme.

Who organizes the competition?

Artist Space Gallery.

Can groups artwork be submitted?

Yes, you can submit individual artworks or you can can submit as a group.

What will you submit in the competition?

You will submit a photo and the photo should show one person or group
of people, or it could be a self-portrait. All forms of visual art (drawing,
photography, drawing, sculpture, digital, fiber art, collage, and installation) are accepted, except for audio and video art.

How the artworks will be judged?

Judging the artworks will be based on the following criteria: originality, usage of medium, demonestration of artistic ability, overall design, quality of art, and creativity.

What will all selected artists receive?

All selected artists will receive a digital award certificate. The Best of show will be displayed on the poster of the exhibition.

Can I submit more than one artwork?

You can submit one or two artworks.



How can I pay the fees?

You must pay using PayPal.



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