Olympics for this academic year have opened – harry up



Registration and participation in the Math Olympics, the Bio Olympics, and the Physics Olympics for the academic year 2022/2023 have opened.


High school students only.

The competition consists of

Two levels.

What happens during the first level?

 During the first level, the available lectures will be recorded and this is the first step in training.

How much is the subscription in the first level?

250 EGP

What happens after completing the first level of training?

The first filtration exam will be conducted online. The condition for success is to obtain at least 80% in the first filtration exam to qualify for the second level.

What happens during the second level after finishing the first level?

After the exam and the announcement of the result of students who have achieved 80% or more, the subscription is paid for the second level and the completion of the training with the coach.



To participate in the Math Olympiad

To participate in the physics Olympiad

To participate in the biology Olympiad

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