Your way to success. All you need to know about the UNICEF competition



The world is always changing. It continues and its problems are increasing day by day. Therefore, development and progress from all fields such as technology and science that are developed every second and minute should have intervened in order to help the world progress and develop and reach a high position and manage it smoothly and well, but with every good invention, scientists forget the status of The possibilities and danger of the impact of these inventions on the environment. I agree with you that development is always required, but did you think for a moment that your climate and your environment are always exposed to danger and the many problems because of our neglect of them, and they are the backbone of human life, and that is why it must be solved and inventions discovered to preserve our environment in our time and avoid being exposed to danger and therefore UNICEF decided to launch a youth challenge competition, which aims to help all young people interested in environmental sciences to save their world and avoid environmental disruption.So if you are interested in changing your world and keeping it, SIYP is here and will help you and be with you step by step so that you can participate and give your best

Application conditions

Initially, the following conditions must be fulfilled:

1. Forming a group consisting of 5 people, and at least two girls must participate in it
(Girls only teams are allowed)

2. Do not exceed 24 years of age

3. Prepare your project and idea, which will contribute to changing the world

4. Entering the Ministry\\\’s link, answering the questions, and entering your personal data
Link: or cick here


And do not forget that the last date for registration is June 17th
We hope that you will always be in progress and contribute to changing your world

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