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Al Qasimia University (also called as AQU) is a national university in United Arab Emirates. It was established by its founder, president and chairman, the ruler of Sharjah Sheikh Dr. Sultan Bin Mohammed Al Qasimi.

What are the majors in the University?

• Sharia and Islamic studies
• Arts and Humanities
• Economics and Management
• Communication
• Holy Quran
• Student affairs
• Academic support services

What are the Eligibility criteria?

•Obtaining a success rate of at least 70% for admission to the faculties of Sharia and Islamic Studies, Arts and Humanities, the Holy Qur’an and Communication.

•Obtaining a success rate of at least 75% to enroll in the College of Economics and Management.​

•Students who hold a religious high school diploma with an average of 75% or higher are allowed to enroll in the College of Sharia and Islamic Studies, the College of the Holy Qur’an and the College of Arts and Humanities only.

•Students who have obtained a commercial secondary certificate with an average of 80% or higher from recognized schools or institutes are allowed to apply for admission to the College of Economics and Management.

•In all cases, the years of study at the secondary level should not be less than three years.

Are there scholarships you can apply to?

Yes, there are scholarships for students outside The United Emirates.

What does the scholarship cover?

1-The scholarship student receives a monthly stipend determined by the university

2-The monthly stipend is paid in the summer to registered students only (study is optional in the summer).

3- The university undertakes all expenses and procedures for visas, residency and the issuance of identity cards for students coming to study from outside the country

4- Providing housing for the beneficiary inside or outside the university in the city of Sharjah, as decided by the university, if the beneficiary is coming to study from outside the country.

5- Providing health insurance in accordance with the policies and regulations adopted by the university.

6- The university shall bear the expenses of the travel ticket from the country from which the student is traveling back and forth upon completion of 50% of his study plan

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