Why should you apply to TKS ?



The world is developing with every minute. It is not a requirement that the development be a technological development, but there is also a scientific and economic development and other developments. Therefore, TKS decided to launch a summer program in order to launch with it the passion of young people and students and unleash their wonderful ideas and allow all the youth of the world to participate and speak their creativity
It includes projects to solve global problems that some people are unable to solve, so SIYP is here to help and give you information. Enough and inform you of the importance of this program and to be with you step by step, so if you are interested and want to affect your world, you must know

What will you do in TKS

1.learning from world class mentors
Having world class mentors to grow your goals, support and help you

2. Participation in the weekly sessions
These are three-hour sessions, the last of each week, consisting of 30 to 40 people, discussing what the students have achieved

3. Join a global community
You will get to know students, alumni and people from all over the world who are at your level of thinking so that you can share ideas

4. Mental training
It is one of the most important things in you that you must develop and work on training

5. Solve real problems with leading companies
It is one of the most important challenges because you are working to solve the problem that companies have not been able to solve yet

6. Upgrade your skill set
It is development in writing, design and others

7. Learn about emerging technology

8. Access to events and opportunities

Submission Conditions

Among the conditions for submission are:

Students between the ages of 13 and 17 years

Application and interview

To join TKS, you must be accepted. There is a written application and group interview process. Answer the questions through the link

Link: https://tks.world/virtual/ or click here

Remember, the last date for registration is May 31

And always remember that SIYP is always here for you

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