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Nasa space apps is a global space and science hackathon which is held on 1-2 October per year for all students from all over the world to find technical solutions for more than 28( this number may be changed this year) problems in the whole world and the whole Solar System.

How I can register for the hackathon?

1-Registration for Space Apps requires that you sign up for a Space Apps account AND register for a location. *You will not be able to participate in the hackathon until you have registered for a location*

If you do not have a Space Apps account:

Create one from the Sign Up page and verify your email address.

Choose one of the locations and select “Register Now” on the location page.

2- In September: Browse the challenges, join the chat channels, and start forming teams. Create team accounts and register for a location at least one to two weeks before the hackathon.

The full challenge statements and data resources will go live in mid-September. Start thinking about which challenge you want to tackle.

The first wave of chat channels will open on September 21 you will be able to connect with other participants in and several community members who are available to support your journey, you can also find your team there

3-wait until the middle of September when challenges will be on the website, then choose the challenge you want to solve with your team.

4-find a critical solution for your challenge and prepare your project.

5- in 1-2 October NASA hackathon will start, thenAll projects must be submitted on October 2 at 11:59 p.m. (local time) by the location for which your team is registered, after that your team’s project will be evaluated by the local judges at the location for which your team is registered during the first round of judging.

6-After that, there are two winning teams from each location. ( For example, if there are 500 locations there is 1000 team who will qualify for the global stage)

7-then between October and December, Nasa will choose and announce ten teams from the qualified to the global stage who will be the big winners and they will have received wide fame and many valuable prizes.

Who should participate in Space Apps?

Space Apps is for everyone! This includes those who have never “hacked\\\” before! All passionate problem solvers are encouraged to join – students, experts, engineers, makers, artists, and storytellers. While some of our challenges are technical, others ask you to use your artistic skills, your business acumen, and your historical imaginations!

In other words, you do not need to be a coder or data expert to be a part of Space Apps. The most diverse teams are often the most successful.

When does registration open and close?

Participant registration for Space Apps 2022 is now open and will remain open through the end of the hackathon on October 2, 2022.

Apply Now

If you want to register or to know more information, visit the website of NASA space apps:

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