Hurry up, free courses in many fields. What is Brooks Brainery Summer Program 2022


What is Brooks Brainery ?

It is a summer program that gives you grants and training courses in all fields provided by a group of students around the world and a group of prestigious universities, which are Harvard, Stanford, New York, Columbia, Toronto and Yale, all free of charge, all in order to provide high and prestigious educational opportunities for all students from all over the world And to help them also gain knowledgeable experiences in order to apply to universities, and for this reason SIYP is here to introduce you to the most important points, explain and provide you with all the information in a comprehensive manner and help you so that you can apply and enter.

Why should you join Brooks Brainery

Where the program focuses on important points, namely:
1. Applied education
It is education through scientific projects, which helps students to use their ideas and creativity in the search for all materials and solutions that will help the project and help them to experiment and innovate.

2. A wide range of courses
 It is to help students explore their interests through the program, which includes many areas that help the student discover and develop himself and know what he loves.

3. Society
The program conducts workshops, panel discussions and meetings for students to know what they have benefited from and achieved in their lessons.

Application link and Deadline

Therefore, if you are interested in exploring yourself, developing your skills and doing what you love, all you have to do is register and answer the questions through this link.

Link: or click here

We remind you that the last date for registration is June 22th, so if you are interested, hurry up to register

And always remember that SIYP is here to help you.

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