A new mathematics challenge | Math Gems Festoon(MGS)!


A new mathematics challenge | Math Gems Festoon(MGS)!

Great announcement for all math enthusiasts and problem solvers!

The Institute of STEM Education (iSTEMe) is glad to declare the start of a new mathematics challenge, Math Gems Festoon(MGS)! MGS is a great opportunity for those wanting to sharpen their problem-solving skills by introducing carefully chosen sets of problems ranging in difficulty from newcomers\\\’ level to that of world-class solvers.

What we do

          We replace traditional learning with interactive problem-solving, a better (and more fun) way to learn. We post Math problems on a daily basis, which covers a wide segment of precalculus mathematics. Detailed solutions for our problems are published afterwards to ensure that everyone benefits from both his trial and the solution\\\’s elegance. We will also share collections of textbooks and references, giving you the essential tools in your journey.

Prepare for math competitions

          Our problems will prepare you for math competitions, including but not limited to EMO, IYMC, Purple Comet and Kangaroo Math. Most of our mentors and problem editors earned medals in those competitions. We offer 1-1 chat with the mentors and problem editors if you want to discuss any specific problem or solution with them. They will offer mentoring and guidance to help you participate in math competitions and prestigious summer programs.

          Our score-leaderboard system also offers you the opportunity to see how you rank amongst others and observe your improvement over time. Your rank on the scoreboard will help if you want to join us and write the problems.

Our Schedule

           MGS includes weekly problem sets called Problem of the Week (POTW). Nevertheless, It includes daily problems that will help you keep the flame up. Moreover, we will post exclusive handouts on various topics that will steep your development rate.

What we will do

          We are working on a website that lists our database of math problems according to branch and difficulty. Every user will have an account that tracks his/her progress and highlights their strengths and weaknesses in every branch of mathematics.

To summarize, what you will gain from joining is

  • Sharpening your problem-solving skills
  • Prepare for math competitions with the help of our mentors (Most of them are math competitions medalists)
  • 1-1 discussion with mentors if you did not understand any of our published problems or solutions.
  • Opportunity to see how you rank amongst others and observe your improvement over time through our Score-Leaderboard
  • The ability to be a mentor and participate in preparing problems and solutions will be a great spike in your CV if you want to major in Mathematics.

Do not miss the opportunity. Explore mathematics as you have never done before!

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Telegram Chat where discussion will take place.

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