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Have you ever heard of Global citizens year
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First of all,

1. what is the Global Citizens Year Program?

It is a program that helps create leaders from different peoples of the world to change and contribute to solving global problems and overcoming them in order to help people live in a better

2. What are the objectives of the program?

The program aims to build brilliant future leaders who use their creativity in development through four steps

1. The first step

Recruitment and selection
Each year, the organization identifies diverse youth with exceptional leadership potential: self-starter, driven, and peer influencer. It intervenes at the most formative age, when students are ripe to leave home but have not yet established their values and identity.

2. second step

Training and Transformation
The core components of their programs (curricula, training, and variety) shape the paths of future leaders by influencing their values, identity and sense of purpose.

3. The third step

Graduates of the program approach college and careers with agency, empathy, global perspective, and a motivated sense of purpose. The Year of the Global Citizen is the foundation that shapes their life choices and their trajectory

4. Fourth step

amplify, enlarge, exaggerate
Over time, we will unleash a critical mass of leaders who reflect the diversity of society and are committed to promoting the common good. With the support of our strong and growing network, Global Citizen Year graduates will be an important force in driving human progress

3. What is the appropriate age to apply?

It is the post-secondary age until the age of 21, which is (18-21)

4. Why should you choose this program?

Because it helps you:

1. Build leadership skills to help solve global challenges

2. Networking with young leaders from more than 80 countries

3. Learning from world-class speakers, trainers and mentors that helps you gain a lot of experience

4. Learn how to be a conscientious and influential leader in the world

5. Can students from outside the United States apply?

Of course, because the organization encourages it a lot in order to help build great leaders from every region of the world

6. When does the semester start?

Starts on the eleventh of next fall 2022

7. Is there a minimum score required for language assessment?

For applicants who are not fluent in English, the CEFR scale is used to help us determine English language proficiency and willingness to participate in the Academy. The optimal CEFR range for applicants to enroll in is Level B2 or higher. Scores below B2 will disqualify you from participation in the Academy.

8. What is the last date for registration?

It is next June 29, 2022

9. How can I find out what scholarships are available?

You can visit the site through the following link:

Link: https://www.globalcitizenyear.org/academy/ or click here

10. How can I apply?

Through your answer. To the questions in and fill out the data through this link

Link: https://www.globalcitizenyear.org/academy/ or click here

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